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The sustainable evolution


A high performance unit which ensure accoustic comfort thanks to a constant airflow.

Large choice of customized filters

Our filters assure the quality of the air you breath.


High performance unit with reduced power consumption

Best sealing

The connections are designed to ensure the maximum tightness.
That is thanks to a double symmetrical joint that allows a perfect sealing between the unit and the duct.

Low consumption

High performance motors paired with an exclusive technology, allowing a reduction in consumption.

Reaching summits in energy efficiency

The unit is designed to allow cross flows within it. That is thanks to a high performance, counterflow, heat recovery exchanger.

Less pressure, better airflow

Thanks to its aerodynamic design, EVO gets a better airflow without increasing the inside pressure.

Constant airflow

Constant airflow technology, based on centrifugal fans and forward oriented blades that are working permanently.
Thanks to this, EVO ensures constant airflow, acoustical comfort, lower consumptions, easy maintenance and a better air quality.


EVO posesses the most prestigious quality certificates.


We innovate with unique features in the market.

Fully horizontal instalation

Thanks to its interior design, it is not necessary to inclinate EVO for the condensation drain.

Orientable connections

EVO is the first HRV unit with modularity. Easy and fast configuration.

Ultra compact & minimalistic design

EVO is the most compact unit in the market with only 21 centimeters height.

Rotating condensation drains

The condensation drains can rotate 180º so they adapt to any kind of installation parameters.

Intelligent & Automatic By-Pass

The By-Pass works perfectly on both summer and winter periods allowing to get the perfect temperature inside the house without using the heat recovery exchanger.


The most versatile on the market, EVO adapts to your project.

Polyvalent (Left/Right)

EVO can be configured left/right without any complication and during the installation.

Silentblock hooks

Simple fixation thanks to 4 antivibration hooks eliminating any kind of trembling.

Vertical/Horizontal installation

It has 2 supports which allow them an easy installation both on the wall or on the ceiling.

Orientative guides

Possibility to install various guides in both laterals thanks to silentblock hooks.


We evolve and fight for a sustainable environment.


EVO is made of expanded polypropylene and galvinized steel. It makes it totally recyclable, reducing the consummation of ressources and so Earth’s degradation.


Turn your home into a Smart Home with Siber EVO and its mobile application.


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